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A structurally sound system designed to Engineering standards, typically consists of the following:

The site is surveyed, the court set out, the soil excavated and compacted to the required Engineering standards.

Lay surrounding drainage channels to define the tennis court edge and lead water off the surface.

Sand buffer layer

A 100- to 500mm thick sand buffer laid over existing soil, designed to reduce soil movement in soil containing clay properties.

Base layer
A 100mm thick gravel base, consisting of crushed stone, sieved to specific sizes, providing the structural strength in preparation of the asphalt and Evergreen “Tru-Flex” system.

Asphalt surface
A 25mm thick hot, premixed asphalt with the same expansion and contraction properties as the Evergreen “Tru-Flex” system. Factory premixed, continuously graded asphalt, designed to seal the base and improve the strength even further. Superior in strength to the out-dated on site, chip and spray method.


New Tennis Courts may typically be constructed as follow:

(All work are constructed to Engineering Industry Standards)

  • Excavate and compact soil to the required falls.
  • Build retaining walls.
  • Lay surrounding drainage channels to define the court edge.
  • Build tennis practice wall.
  • Place a sand buffer layer to reduce clay movement.
  • Level and compact a gravel base.
  • Lay an asphalt surface designed for tennis court use.
  • Erect the tennis court fence to blend in with surrounding design.
  • Fit tennis-net posts, winding mechanism and hang tennis-net.
  • Fit floodlights and posts as per design layout.
  • Apply our Evergreen “Tru-Cusion” latex-rubber basecoats with shock-absorbing properties to reduce leg injuries and fatigue. (Optional luxury coats.)
  • Apply our Evergreen “Tru-Flex” multi-layer surface system.
  • Mark and paint tennis court lines to international regulations.

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