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Aesthetically designed to clients' requirement and may incorporate walls and pillars typically comprising of:

  • 60mm by 2mm wall thickness galvinised intermediate posts at 3m centres.
  • 60mm by 3.5mm wall thickness galvinised corner posts.
  • 38mm galvinised top rail to prevent sagging of the fence line.
  • 3.5mm plastic coated horizontal straining wires to hold the fence in position.
  • 3.3mm plastic coated diamond mesh, available in green or black.


The posts can be painted green or black.

Note: Some contractors provide a cheaper thinner 2.8mm mesh with no top rail, resulting in sagging and stretching of the mesh, due to the continuous impact of the tennis ball and leaning against the fence.  


A 100mm by 3.5mm wall thickness galvinised net-post set with winder, centre- band, base-hook and tennis-net. Designed with a solid metal cap and internal support to prevent the post-head from warping under continuous strain. Note: Remember to always slacken the net after use, to prevent post- and cable damage.


Advantages include:

  • A one-piece, boxed housing on a curved neck post. 
  • Illumination of outstanding quality.
  • Aesthetically designed exclusively for tennis- and netball courts.
  • Sharp light cut-off due to efficient box design, illuminating
    the court only, with no wastage of light outside the court.
  • Lower power consumption and cheaper running costs.
  • Longer lamp life with easy access and replacement.
  • Metal Halide lamps emit a white light, which is most effective for tennis, with no stroboscopic distortion caused by the ball moving from light to dark.                                       

We also maintain, repair and resurface existing worn or damaged tennis courts.

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