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  1. Always ensure wearing of correct non-marking tennis shoes.

  2. Avoid scraping of the surface with racquet or other hard objects. Do not use skateboards, bicycles, etc on court.

  3. The court should not be played on when wet or damp. The surface absorbs a small amount of water, softens and will damage under play.

  4. Use a rubber squeegee or soft broom to remove excess water and allow court to dry before play.

  5. Do not play on the court for the first seven days whilst the surface cures. The new surface will feel “tacky” and soft and could be damage under play.

  6. Slacken tennis-net after use to prevent post- and cable damage.

  7. Cut back trees to reduce shade and prevent algae growth on the surface. Broom surface regularly to remove leaves, etc.

  8. Treat black algae in winter with two cups HTH chloride in 100 litres of water and spread to affected areas. After a few hours, rinse with clean water. Repeat as necessary. (Consult us for advice)

  9. Ensure that irrigation sprayers point away from the surface to reduce algae growth.

  10. Wash bird droppings, to avoid flaking of the surface. Keep surface clean to extend surface life.

  11. Inspect surface regularly, cut back grass and encroaching tree roots to avoid surface damage.

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