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Our Evergreen “Tru-Flex” surfacing system consists of flexible, acrylic multi-layer coatings, designed to resist cracking and expand and contract with the asphalt base.

The surface on which you play is just as important as the equipment you use. Consider the following important points:

Vibrant colours that’s clear, sharp and deep.

  • Vibrant colours that’s clear, sharp and deep.
  • Non-fade colours in dark green, light green, tan and red.
  • Scuff resistant.
  • Durable, long-lasting.
  • Rounded aggregate gives superb shoe grip.
  • Low light reflection surface increases ball visibility .
  • Specially formulated colours to reduce surface temperature by 15-20 degrees for greater player comfort. Available in tan and red.


Resurfacing may typically entail the following:

  • High pressure clean surface to remove black algae growth
  • Apply anti-algae treatment
  • Repair hairline cracks with Evergreen “Tru-Flex” crack-filler
  • Raise visible bird baths (low spots) with Evergreen “Tru-Flex” patch-binder
  • Apply our Evergreen “Tru-Cusion” latex-rubber basecoats with shock- absorbing properties to reduce leg injuries and fatigue (Optional luxury coats)
  • Apply our Evergreen “Tru-Flex” multi-layer surface system
  • Mark and paint tennis court lines to international regulations.

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